Univ. of Applied Sciences Koblenz, RAC, Germany

Main Research Interest

Cells respond to environmental changes and respond to a variety of signals from other cells. Networks of interacting proteins perform these tasks in a surprisingly precise and accurate way. Our group develops mathematical and statistical models of biological processes. These models should provide a better understanding of these highly complex control mechanisms.

Role/Objectives in Translucent Project

The modular structure of biological networks offers a valuable modelling approach for functional genomics, analysis of metabolic pathways and the analysis of genetic networks.In the TRANSLUCENT project, we will develop statistical and mathematical models for the cation homeostasis in the model organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae. These models will link transcriptome data, protein expression data and physiological data. The goal is a quantitative understanding of how cation homeostasis is achieved, which control laws are responsible for the regulations and how the various transport mechanisms interact.

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