University of Cordoba, Spain

Main Research Interest

Abiotic Stress Responses and Ion Homeostasis in Yeast. We are especially interested in the study of processes of tolerance/sensitivity to oxidative stress, pH stress and salt stress in yeast. So far, our model yeasts are the well-known Saccharomyces cerevisiae and the marine occurring yeast Debaryomyces hansenii.

We study these processes from a molecular and biochemical point of view and we have recently incorporated proteomic techniques as a new approach.

Role/Objectives in Translucent Project

Three main lines:

  1. Analysis of cation fluxes in wild type and yeast mutants affected in membrane potential and/or cation transport.

  2. Characterization of mutants that appear to be of interest after the transcriptional studies. We are specially interested in mutants lacking cation transporters and in mutants affected in the regulation of those transporters (trk1,2; nha1; ena1-4;cnb1; crz1; ppz1,2...).

  3. Proteomic profiling: from Microarrays (RNA) to Proteomics (Proteins).


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