University of Bonn, Germany

Main Research Interest

The molecular bioenergetics group combines molecular biology and physiological research to identify and validate molecular targets involved in the transport of substrates from the environment. The approach is to use yeast genetics for strain construction, in combination with advanced experimental techniques in physiology for functional analysis. The recent focus has been on human diseases that result from defects in the particular class of ion channels to explore the role of yeast as model system for development of a simple growth test assay to enable application of the hybrid strains to pharmaceutical high-throughput screening. Additional projects concern S. cerevisiae as model system to study multidrug resistance in C. albicans and a S.cerevisiae based transactivation assay for human steroid receptor ligands

Role/Objectives in Translucent Project

The Uni Bonn, Molecular Bioenergetics group is involved in three work packages.
In WP1 within both subprojects the goal is to standardise, organise and format as much experimental conditions as possible order to i) identify on large scale information or knock-out gaps that must be addressed in further experimental work in WP2 and ii) and provide the format and input for the database development (WP4) and modelling (WP3). Jost Ludwig on Uni Bonn side will be supported by Nadja Jung (technical issues) and Guido Hasnebrink (SOP development) and all will work closely together with the responsible WP leader R. Schweyen from Uni Vienna. Hella Lichtenberg-Fraté will be involved as advisor.
In WP2 subproject 4 aims to establish a GFP library to facilitate time resolved analyses of proteins involved in alkali-metal- and divalent cation homeostasis. Guido Hasenbrink as post-doc and Jost Ludwig as PI conduct these ambitious tasks, a technician and a graduate student will complete the group.
In WP4 a database (subproject 1) and a material repository (subproject 2) will be established based on the standards and identified needs of WP1 and WP3, respectively in close collaboration with Edda Klipp within WP3 SP 3. Responsible PIs are Maik Kschischo from Remagen and Jost Ludwig supported by Nadja Jung as data manager and a technician for the material repository. Hella Lichtenberg-Fraté will be involved as advisor.


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