Theoretical Biophysics, Berlin

Main Research Interest

The main research interests of the Theoretical Biophysics Group headed by Prof. Dr. Edda Klipp comprises mathematical modeling of biological systems including dynamic systems theory, deterministic and stochastic simulation methods and tools, optimization approaches and parameter estimation. With special focus on yeast as model organism, our group is engaged in modeling specific pathways, signal transduction, gene expression and cell cycle metabolism.

To collect enzyme kinetic data in large-scale approach from literature sources we developed tools for text mining in biological publications and information extraction. These results are stored in the databases and processed for estimating parameter values or distributions of parameter values

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Role/Objectives in Translucent Project

Our ambition in this project is to gain a better understanding how yeast cells maintain and regulate their cation homeostasis by modelling the dynamic behaviour of individual cation transport systems of the cell. The regulation of the different transport systems, depending on various external stimuli, as well as the internal state of the cell will be characterized and their importance for the fate of the cell will be investigated. For this purpose we intend to develop computational models of the potassium and sodium fluxes as well as the calcium systems. Therefore we will study the design principles of these transport mechanisms with respect to structural as well as dynamical aspects.


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